OnePlus 9 RT Heating Issue Solved – No More Overheating

Hey, there we are here with an amazing solution for you. If you have a OnePlus 9 RT Device and you are facing Heating Issue with it then you are at the correct place.

As you know we have lots of articles in this category only, so you must rely on our solutions for the Oneplus 9 RT Heating Issue. Earlier we have seen this type of issue arising due to some sort of buggy and apps that can be categorized as malware.

OnePlus 9RT Heating Issue

OnePlus 9RT Heating Issue

OnePlus 9RT Overheating Issue

As you all know OnePlus 9RT is one of the best devices in its category. If you are facing a heating issue with this device then you must be finding yourself unlucky in this situation. Generally, the OnePlus 9RT Heating issue gets solved with just a few easy and simple tweaks.

As being a OnePlus fan if your Device gets heated frequently then this must be annoying to you. This is the main reason why you came to our blog. Below we have mentioned few steps which can help you to Cool Down your Device as well as yourself. šŸ™‚

How To Fix OnePlus 9RT Heating Issue

A heating phone is the most annoying thing after a lagging phone. Anyways we have got some of the easy and simple steps which could bring you out from this issue. The first important thing is to press the bell icon and subscribe to our push notification service. We wi8ll update you with new tech tips first.

You can also try the Official OnePlus website link for more help.

Restricting The Background Applications

Restricting the background Applications is one of the best ways you can try to reduce your device’s temperature.

There is a certain application that may run continuously in the background and suck out all the juice from your phone. You could try to force stop some of the Applications which you do not want to use or you do not find relevant.

For restricting the background applications you just need to follow these easy and simple steps.

First, move on to SettingsĀ >> Apps and Notifications >> App Info >> Battery Optimization >> Optimise

By doing this not only you can reduce your phone’s temperature you can also find that your battery performance is improved.

Avoid Using Your OnePlus 9RT In Direct Sunlight

Personally, I have felt that if use my smartphone in direct sunlight it heats my phone a lot. If possible try to use your phone a bit less in the direct sunlight.

This will definitely cool your device and prevent it to be heated to its peak. This could be the best answer if you are finding your device to be hot while you are using it out of your home.

If Possible Remove Your Case For Continuous Usage

Sometimes people use hard and funky cases which do not regulate the air on the Device’s back side. As Plastic is a poor conductor of heat the heat gets trapped inside.

The trapped heat reduces your phone’s efficiency and heats up your device a lot. Try to use minimal cover for better heat conductivity.

Always Keep Your OnePlus 9RT Updated

If you are having a heating issue with your OnePlus 9RT then you must take a look back at the software updates section. OnePlus regularly brings Software Updates to fix certain issues and keep your phone updated.

If the problem can be fixed with some of the software tweaks OnePLus must have released some sort of patch over the air to bring you out from this issue. You can also check some other person’s phone whether they are facing the same issue or not.

Turn Off Connectivity Apps

If you are not using your phone try to keep Bluetooth, WiFi, Near Field Communication, and Data Connection off. These connectivity apps consume a lot of power from your device and put your phone to a bit of heat.


I hope after following these steps your device must have been cooled a bit. If you have got your solution within this article please share it or leave a comment below.

We will be glad to hear a good comment from your end.

Note: You can check this official page of OnePlus for few tweaks. – Link

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